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Moving forward – when no means no – Clutter ye shall not pass!

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I have to put down my purse and step away from the funky store with the groovy dresses!


This short journey has made a difference.  Journey is a term often abused by reality tv – “well, Oprah, my journey started when I turned on my husband’s computer and noticed…” or the Biggest Loser – “well AJ my journey started the day some young boys threw stones at me at the beach and called me a fat cow!” 

These items are not necessary to break the pattern of acquiring clutter


But in a serious vein I have realized that all too often we become consumed with acquiring possessions and with the energy that is required to maintain the possessions we already own.  A sofa I left behind in NZ became a burden for my friends who passed it from garage to garage until I decided I was staying in Oz and so they gave it to the Methodist Mission.  In the distant past a friend of mine burnt down her bedroom by leaving a candle burning in the window (next to a draft and curtains)– she and her flatmates went out for a bonding meal and came home to fire engines.  They lost the tenancy and she lost everything.  But she wrote to me saying the only thing she felt bad about was the water damage to personal possessions her friends had suffered (eg photo albums).  She realized all she really needed was a mattress on the floor and a few items of clothing.

These boots were made for moving forward!!

Certain recent events have impressed upon me the importance of friendships and relationships – “stuff“ is like thigh fat, chainstore pizza and saturated fats – often prevalent but totally unnecessary and actually harmful if you start thinking in detail about it.

I think that these guys in San Francision have found the answer – on a website called the Mother Nature Network is the story of a woman who wrote on her year without spending –  only buying food and necessities – to which the participant  has noted:

“It’s interesting that not buying things has made me focus more on what I DO have. And as I get rid of the crap, it’s like lifting a curtain or coming out of a fog. I’m really starting to see how STUFF has kept me busy and distracted, and disconnected from the things that really matter.”

A cautionary op shop tshirt

For myself it is a brave new world.  How much money and time will I save by stopping shopping altogether?  As I step out and into the threshold of a new life all I can say is “watch this space”.  For as Napoleon wrote:  ”A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.”


Redfern Scarey house

Is a year without spending really going to be that scarey?!!