The Cat Protection Society Op Shop

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“Hi. My name is Tinkerbell and I am four years old. I was very sad and scared when my dear person suddenly passed away earlier this year. Because I am deaf I didn’t know my crying was so loud but I did figure out that people were concerned for me……”
You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel pangs for Tinkerbell – if you are a cat lover you are probably hysterically sobbing by now. The Cat Protection Op Shop, on 105 Enmore Road, Enmore is on a mission – to save lives! Jesus and Che Guevara would be proud. I ask for permission to take photos and the kindly woman at the counter has no objection.

For those seeking a discerning beanie

If items of clothing and bric a brac made sounds this place would be a cacophony. A jungle of colours and a jumble of items greet the visitor. Ties for $5 a bundle. A pile of spoons that could serve an army.

These spoons were born from many mouths.....


A local man comes in carrying two large black plastic rubbish bags full of donations. After he leaves there is heated discussion as to whether some of the items he has donated are Royal Doulton.

You don't have to be a dummy to like what is on this dummy!

I am starting to consider a future blog on altruism. The critics of Gandhi say he neglected his family, and due to his strong support of vegetarianism wouldn’t allow his seriously ill son to drink a bowl of chicken broth, as doctors tending to the son fervently recommended. Critics of Mother Teresa lambast her point of view that suffering was an intrinsic part of the cycle of life. Not all saints are saints – but what about the people who give up hours for causes they believe in such as the local cat lovers who founded the Cat Protection Society? Is there some brain chemistry that differentiates these people from the money hungry who consider Gordon Gecko an inspiration?

Anyone who willingly gives up a weekend afternoon to be surrounded by dusty items of bric a brac is right up there with Mary McKillop as far as I am concerned.

There really is something for everyone in this shop!

I am intrigued by the variety of items for sale. Find a pair of black boots but they are far too big. The search continues…. A large stuffed penguin is a sentinel over proceedings. There are some interesting items – a pile of faux framed masters paintings catch my eye

Masters Paintings

Treasure or Kitsh? The buyer will determine....

– but they fall into the domain of kitsch (however as a child I would have loved them). I spend $11 on two tops and a black sari-ish piece of material – none of these items are necessities. But the stories of Alice Brady, Sascha, Rob, Sandy and Tinkerbell resonate in my psyche. I am not adding to the piles of clothing and clutter already stashed in one of my built-ins – I am saving lives!


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